"Your future is our concern"
"Your future is our concern"

Alpaca Foot Rot

Posted on October 17, 2012

As the name suggests, this ailment rots away the skin (and sometimes the underlying tissue) of the foot of an alpaca, frequently concentrating in the area between the toes.  It can be extremely painful and it is contagious. Foot Rot can be exacerbated by excessively wet weather, stress, and injury to the skin of the foot. It can also be caused by zinc deficiency. It is easily identified with the pads feeling lumpy or swollen. As foot rot advances the foot will have a foul odor with creamy discharge.

If foot rot is detected, the animal should be quarantined in a dry area while treating. This bacterium is contagious and can live off a host for 7 days. Treatment includes:

  • Cleaning the foot thoroughly and removing all diseased tissue
  • Apply diluted Iodine over the affected area. Treat daily, as indicated by severity of infection, for 3 – 5 days
  • Systemic antibiotics may be necessary depending on the severity

If the animal does not respond to treatment within a few days please contact the office as serious tissue and nerve damage can occur.