"Your future is our concern"
"Your future is our concern"

Herd Density

Posted on October 17, 2012

How many alpacas can be kept on one acre? When researching, ten seems to be the high average. But, why?

Reason #1 – Pasture, pasture, pasture: Pasture is critical to alpacas’ diet. Quite simply, if there are too many animals in too little space everyone won’t get the amount of pasture diet that they need.

Reason #2 – Parasite issues also increase with higher herd density. Even the “cleanest” farms can see spikes in parasite load.

Reason #3 – Competitive eating can also become an issue in dense herds. Alpacas should have 2.5 – 3 feet of space in which to eat. So, a 10’ gutter should not be used to feed more than 3 animals.

Reason #4 – Safe physical activity: Alpacas need enough room to pronk and play without running in to barriers or one another. Like their two-legged friends, over conditioning can occur without adequate exercise.

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