"Your future is our concern"
"Your future is our concern"

Herd Health

Posted on October 17, 2012

For years PSVG has offered our dairy clients “Herd Health” services. With a Herd Health program, a veterinarian is prescheduled for farm calls with frequency being determined by herd size. The entire herd is visually evaluated and animals ‘in need’ are briefly assessed. These identified animals will be on the radar for future Herd Health visits, as well as any other concerns that the producer/breeder may have. On the dairy side of our business, we have seen that this proactive approach to veterinary care has identified many minor issues that could have easily become catastrophic.

Initially, general areas of concern to breeders, such as body score, dental, and optical issues, would be evaluated and recorded. It can be difficult to recognize when the stoic alpaca (or other small ruminant) has an issue of significance without these important benchmarks. The scheduled appointments that follow the initial evaluation run more quickly, with a visual herd evaluation and those identified animals that have been identified being assessed and compared to previous observations and data.

A Herd Heath program is designed to minimize surprises and costly hospitalization, ultimately giving a breeder greater peace of mind.

A Rule of Thumb for Herd Health Frequency

25 Animals & Under
At Least Once a year

40 Animals & Under
At Least Every 6 Months

40 – 75 Animals
At least Every 3 Months

75- 150 Animals
At Least Every Other Month

150 + Animals
At Least Monthly

Please contact the office with any questions or to talk to Dr. Jackie about what kind of schedule is right for your operation.